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The Grand annual Sree Ramanavami Rathyatra was started in 1989 by Jagadguru Swami Sathyananda Saraswathy. The Rath is a moving temple, made with scriptural measurements, and contains the holy idols of Lord Rama, Sita Devi and Lord Hanuman. This holy temple moves throughout the land during the month of Ramanavami on roads, in streets and gullies and brings the tem ple’s divine vibrations to each and every common person.
At dawn and dusk each day during the yatra, Aradhana is performed, and speeches are held extolling the greatness and virtues of Lord Ram and the need and way for spiritual revitalization. Devotees gather in large crowds to witness the aradhana and hear the speeches in the holy month in which Ramanavami (Sree Rama’s birth) takes place. Thus by means of this holy Yatra even the materialist, who makes the workplace his God, will hear temple bells and be spurred to spiritual pursuit. The Rath had the consecrated pictures of Swami Sathyananda Saraswathy and Brahmashree Neelakantha Gurupadarin addition to the idol of Sree Rama, Sita and Hanumanji.

The Rath Yatra started from Sree Mookambika Devi temple in Karnataka, and the blessings of Divine Mother in the form of an non- extinguishing flame were taken to Sree Rama Dasa Ashram in Chenkottukonam,Trivandrum and lit the deepam in the Rath.With such glorious blessings did the yatra start and the moving temnple traversed all through kerala , visiting more than 100 temples.The temple stops were punctuated with thunderous speeches by Swami Brahmapadananda Saraswathy and Bramhachari Sree Sai Sampath.

Everywhere people thronged in large numbers to get a darchan of the Rath and to listen to the speeches.

Sree Ramanavami Rathyatra

Sree Rama Navami Celebration

Devotees showered flowers on the Rath and in its path. Devout ladies lined the streets with burning lamps to welcome Sree Rama just as Ayodhya was lit up to receive Him, and young men played Sinkarimelam to welcome the Rath. Each and every place the Rath visited got charged with spiritual energy and gave an opportunity for so many people to express their deep devotion for Sree Rama.

The Rath reached in Chenkottukonam,which received by the local people, villagers and tribals with great aplomb. Hundreds gathered for Aarati. A bahajan group sang bajans of rama and read Ramayana in traditional folk style.Every year navami ends with lots of poojas and Aaradhanas.hundres of devotees coming from every nook and corner of kerala and other states for attending this function.